Quadra achieves perfection, the ideal solution for countertops, in the form of surfaces that are both stylish and high performing. Technical qualities and aesthetically flawless features are the results of Quadra’s experience and commitment to research, employing advanced Italian technologies and meticulous processes. A wide variety of textures and finishes allow professionals to explore new possibilities of contemporary living, experimenting with looks and design.
Cocok digunakan untuk berbagai macam jenis meja


Perabotan dapur yang menggunakan keramik sebagai permukaannya


Exceptional versatility makes Quadra’s fixed furniture the perfect solution. A tasteful collection of highly performing technical surfaces, distinguished by elegance without compromising practicality: tabletops, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and more, opening a world of possibilities to designers and end-users.
Ruang tamu yang menggunakan keramik di permukaan meja, lantai, dan tembok


The unique design and utmost refinement of Quadra’s products breathes new life into the concept of loose furniture, transforming traditionally mundane items like coffee or end tables in masterful examples of ceramic craftsmanship.

Shiny Polished

High-gloss finish featuring a naturally buffed, mirror-like surface, identical if not more superior than natural polished surface.

Lite Matte

A silky soft surface with subtle shine which emulates human skin.

Original Matte

A perfectly manufactured matte surface with minimal reflection.

Luxurious Matte

A unique micro relief that stimulate touching sense on a matte look.

Edging & Profiling

To get maximum results, Quadra products can be profiled at the end with a choice of finishing touches.
Profil tepian keramik dengan finishing Sharknose
SHARKNOSE: Gives a thin and floating look to the tabletop.
Profil tepian keramik dengan finishing Fullbullnose
FULLBULLNOSE: Minimizes sharp edges, increasing safety measures.
Profil tepian keramik dengan finishing Miter
MITER: A profile displaying a “solid” concept, giving a luxurious and high-thickness feel.
Profil tepian keramik dengan finishing Straight Edge
STRAIGHT EDGE: This profile shows the entire thickness and sides of a slab.
Meja dapur dengan finishing Miter pada tepiannya