Thanks to the large size of Quadra slabs, discovering a variety of applications in the world of interior design and furniture, which prioritizes uniqueness and bespoke displays, could not be any easier.


  • Kitchen Island
  • Coffee Tables
  • Credenza
  • Meeting Tables
  • Bench
  • Etc..
The astonishing realism and flawless technical qualities of Quadra Ultimate Design Surface Countertop provides residential projects with a perfect blend of refined luxury, memorable design, and warm comfort.


  • Vanity Top
  • Bar Counter
  • Wall Cabinet
  • Kitchen Counter
The wide range of available looks of Quadra Ultimate Design Surface for Countertop gives residential, commercial, and business spaces a sophisticated and refined feeling, combining aesthetic perfection and masterful technical qualities.


  • Hotel lobby countertop
  • Wellness and spa countertop
  • Restaurant and bar tabletop
  • Wellness and spa vanity top
Supported by the inherent strength and large dimensions of its slabs, Quadra Ultimate Design Surface for Countertop is the perfect match for high-end architecture and interior design projects; the result is a blend of warm hospitality and majestic prestige for luxurious hotels, prestigious restaurants and wellness centers.