Living room designed with sintered stone slabs by quadra


Quadra designs prestigious, extra-large, sintered stone slabs for sophisticated, high-end buildings.
On a quest to elevate environments, matching luxurious settings to an elegant lifestyle, Quadra employs the most reliable European raw materials, combining rigorous techniques of timeless tradition to the latest Italian technologies and quality assurance processes. The final product is a masterpiece of the utmost refinement.
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Quadra has specialized in the design and manufacturing of extra-large slabs for high-end interiors and exteriors.
The choice to focus on extra-large slabs has made Quadra a benchmark, an impeccable manufacturer of majestic walls and flawless floors, as well as luxurious furniture. Stunning results achieved thanks to the most innovative Italian technologies and finest European raw materials, at the service of brilliant creative design.

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Slab dari Quadra dengan size extra-large disandingkan dengan tinggi orang dewasa


Quadra is at the forefront of a technological innovation process rooted in centuries-old traditions: from the cutting edge blending of materials and super-compacting techniques, to the unified “sinterization” revolution and the art of 3D digital dry decoration printing.

Shiny Polished

High-gloss finish featuring a naturally buffed, mirror-like surface, identical if not more superior than natural polished surface.

Lite Matte

A silky soft surface with subtle shine which emulates human skin.

Original Matte

A perfectly manufactured matte surface with minimal reflection.

Luxurious Matte

A unique micro relief that stimulate touching sense on a matte look.